Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello Everyone!

It's been 2 months since my last post (after winning nationals) and i really thought i was never gonna play nor write something about Yugioh! again due to my frustration not being able to attend World Championship 2013. But as we all know, life must go on. There are still so much things to do in Yugioh!. One of them is to help our team in the upcoming events. And now that the new banlist is upon us, we are back to the drawing board creating both new and old decks while teching it up for the upcoming meta.

What better way to start things of than reconstructing our beloved DRAGON RULERS!

After getting hit really hard by the ban hammer, many people think dragons are dead. but like my story, giving up is not an option. So I decided to look around and see what other players think about reconstructing this deck. The most popular one was the plant/trooper engine dragon rulers. At first, i thought about the same thing the instant i saw the banlist. After doing some test, i noticed that plants make the deck really slow. i was not satisfied. so i tinkered, rebuilt, researched, and came up with the build that i'm comfortable with.

Here's the list:

Blaster x3
Tempest x3
Redox x3
Tidal x3
Gorz x2
Necroface x1
Eclipse Wyvern x2
Light and Darkness Dragon x2
Flamvell Guard x3
Dragunity Brandistock  x1 (corsesca is not playble in our region)

Heavy Storm x1
Monster reborn x1
Dragon Shrine x3
Dragon Ravine x3
D.D.R. x3
Gold Sarcophagus x2
Seven Star Sword x2
Card Destruction x1

Dragosac x3
Big eye x1
Gaioabyss x1
Master of blades x1
Gaia Dragoon the Thunder charger x1
Jewel Flare Stardust Dragon x1
Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend x1
Colossal Fighter x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Crimson blader (if you have one coz i dont)
2 more slots

Basically, the main strategy of this deck is to put out LADD on turn one. With the help of ravine and shrine, first turn can go from a lone LADD to LADD, Dragosac and REDMD. I find light and darkness to be really effective since the gameplay will be much slower compared to the previous meta. Having LADD will basically deplete your opponents resources while you beat him up and replenish at the same time. The deck runs smoother and more consistent than the one using plants as your normal summon will be dedicated for LADD or summoning a tuner for lvl 8 snychro only. Dragon ravine also serves dual purpose as it can dump the dragon you need or fetch you a lvl 1 Dragunity tuner. I used 3 flamvell guards to maximize the use of Dragon shrine's effect dumping 2 dragons (one being normal) so you can use it immediately to summon a dragon ruler. Necroface will enable you to reload your hand with it's banish effect and also, to replenish your deck if you banished to much dragons already. It won't be a problem you don't draw any DDR but having one will give you a lot of options. the rest are self-explanatory already so if you have dragon ruler cards, go ahead and try this build :)

For the side deck, it still depends on your local meta. but staple sides would probably be 3 Royal decree, 2-3 MST, 2-3 Tsukuyomi, veiler/maxx c. I didn't put Veiler on main since you will rarely use it once LADD is out.

So after building this deck, i lend it to my team mate for locals and he won (4-0) beating a verz deck during the final round. the other decks he fought were dragon ruler(with plants), another Verz deck, and machina gadget.

So that's it for now. i apologize for my poor writing skills. I just really want to share this deck to uplift those Dragon ruler fanatics. :)

Thanks for reading my post. Til next time!


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