Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello Everyone!

It's been 2 months since my last post (after winning nationals) and i really thought i was never gonna play nor write something about Yugioh! again due to my frustration not being able to attend World Championship 2013. But as we all know, life must go on. There are still so much things to do in Yugioh!. One of them is to help our team in the upcoming events. And now that the new banlist is upon us, we are back to the drawing board creating both new and old decks while teching it up for the upcoming meta.

What better way to start things of than reconstructing our beloved DRAGON RULERS!

After getting hit really hard by the ban hammer, many people think dragons are dead. but like my story, giving up is not an option. So I decided to look around and see what other players think about reconstructing this deck. The most popular one was the plant/trooper engine dragon rulers. At first, i thought about the same thing the instant i saw the banlist. After doing some test, i noticed that plants make the deck really slow. i was not satisfied. so i tinkered, rebuilt, researched, and came up with the build that i'm comfortable with.

Here's the list:

Blaster x3
Tempest x3
Redox x3
Tidal x3
Gorz x2
Necroface x1
Eclipse Wyvern x2
Light and Darkness Dragon x2
Flamvell Guard x3
Dragunity Brandistock  x1 (corsesca is not playble in our region)

Heavy Storm x1
Monster reborn x1
Dragon Shrine x3
Dragon Ravine x3
D.D.R. x3
Gold Sarcophagus x2
Seven Star Sword x2
Card Destruction x1

Dragosac x3
Big eye x1
Gaioabyss x1
Master of blades x1
Gaia Dragoon the Thunder charger x1
Jewel Flare Stardust Dragon x1
Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend x1
Colossal Fighter x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Crimson blader (if you have one coz i dont)
2 more slots

Basically, the main strategy of this deck is to put out LADD on turn one. With the help of ravine and shrine, first turn can go from a lone LADD to LADD, Dragosac and REDMD. I find light and darkness to be really effective since the gameplay will be much slower compared to the previous meta. Having LADD will basically deplete your opponents resources while you beat him up and replenish at the same time. The deck runs smoother and more consistent than the one using plants as your normal summon will be dedicated for LADD or summoning a tuner for lvl 8 snychro only. Dragon ravine also serves dual purpose as it can dump the dragon you need or fetch you a lvl 1 Dragunity tuner. I used 3 flamvell guards to maximize the use of Dragon shrine's effect dumping 2 dragons (one being normal) so you can use it immediately to summon a dragon ruler. Necroface will enable you to reload your hand with it's banish effect and also, to replenish your deck if you banished to much dragons already. It won't be a problem you don't draw any DDR but having one will give you a lot of options. the rest are self-explanatory already so if you have dragon ruler cards, go ahead and try this build :)

For the side deck, it still depends on your local meta. but staple sides would probably be 3 Royal decree, 2-3 MST, 2-3 Tsukuyomi, veiler/maxx c. I didn't put Veiler on main since you will rarely use it once LADD is out.

So after building this deck, i lend it to my team mate for locals and he won (4-0) beating a verz deck during the final round. the other decks he fought were dragon ruler(with plants), another Verz deck, and machina gadget.

So that's it for now. i apologize for my poor writing skills. I just really want to share this deck to uplift those Dragon ruler fanatics. :)

Thanks for reading my post. Til next time!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Congrats to my Team mates @ Team ASIONG! POWER!

                                                               Chito, Me and Jun

Card gaming is not all about fun and games. having friends or meeting new people is a big part of it. and so I will take this chance to thank my team mates at TEAM ASIONG for helping me achieve what i have today in Yugioh (Back-to-Back National Champ)! And to Congratulate them as well for getting the other 3 spots at top 8. Finalists Jun Agoto, Semi Finalists Chito Racimo, and Quarter Finalists Alvin Lim (2010 Philippine National Champion). Job well done! To our other Teammates, thank you for the support! We are not done yet! :)

I also want to thank those people who joined us at our practice sessions and helped us in any other ways. Too many names to name but i know you guys are aware how thankful i am. :)

My decklist from Yugioh WCQ Philippines 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

It's been a reeeeaaallllllyyyy llloooooooooonnnngggg time since i last posted here. I wanna apologize to those people who are following my blog (if any) :) . I have been busy the whole year preparing for different events. it's reallly hard to manage your time especially when you're playing 3 Card Games at the same time (right now im actively playing Yugioh, Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz). Plus, we all know for a fact that i'm not good at writing, so most of the times, i feel lazy before i even start with my post. :P Anyways, Enough with the chit chat and let's go straight to the topic. here's the list


3x Blaster
3x Redox
3x Tidal
3x Tempest
2x Stream
2x Burner
2x Reactan
2x Lightning
3x effect Veiler
3x Maxx C
2x Droll and lock
1x Flamvell Guard

3x Gold Sarco
3x Super Reju
1x Seven star sword
1x Heavy storm
1x Book of moon
1x Darkhole

1x Breakthrough Skill

Extra Deck: 15
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Blackwing Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Blackrose Dragon
1x Ancient Sacred Wyvern
1x Gemknight Pearl
3x PBP DragoSack
2x Big Eye
2x Gaia Dragoon
1x GaioAbyss

Side Deck: 15
2x Tsukuyomi
2x Puppet Plant
1x Electric Virus
1x Metaion
2x Swift Scarecrow
3x MST
2x EEV
2x Vanity's Emptiness

For now, I'm not gonna discuss this in detail since i haven't got much time. but please feel free to ask for any questions and i'll be glad to answer them. But please don't ask me how i beat Prophecy, coz the answer is 1st, i only encountered it twice during the event (during round 6 of swiss where i loss and Finals. yep, its the same player). 2nd, I JUST GOT LUCKY during Finals. no special techniques whatsoever. :)

Thanks for reading and will try to post more soon! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

BREAKING THE NEW META part 2! A remake of an old deck

Hello everyone!

As promised, I will keep this blog updated whenever i find time to do so. And since the new meta is still exciting me, i really can't stop to explore it. Today i went to a local shop COURTSIDE (SM north branch) to try my old-new deck. Most of you are familiar with this theme since it dominated the meta back then, which resulted to an emergency banlist. without further ad due, i present to you my version of TELE-DAD:

Monsters: 24

Caius x2
Dark Grepher x2
D-hero Malicious x2
Sangan x1
Dark armed Dragon x1
Black Luster soldier, EOTB x1
Chaos Sorcerer x1
Krebons x3
Psychic Commander x1
Heiroglyph dragon Tefnuit x3
Heiroglyph dragon Shu x1
Junk Synchron x1
Effect Veiler x2
Zephyros the elite x1
Plague spreader zombie x1
Watt Dragon x1

Spells: 16

MST x3
Heavy storm x1
Monster reborn x1
Dark hole x1
Mind control x1
Emergency teleport x2
Foolish Burial x1
Heiroglyph seal of convocation x2
Book of moon x1
Rota x1
Allure of darkness x1
Pot of duality x1

Extra deck: 15
AOJ catastor x1
Magical Android x1
Iron chain Dragon x1
Blackrose Dragon x1
Scarp Archfiend x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Mist Wurm x1
Inzektor Exabeetle x1
Heiroglyph King Atumus x1
Photon Bouncer x1
Photoglide x1
Swordbreaker x1
Gaia Dragoon x1
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon x1

So basically, the deck's concept is to setup for otk by swarming with synchro/xyz monsters. It can also summon a Stardust dragon and Photon bouncer in one turn with ease. The only problem i notice is that you'll probably end up using all your cards when you decide to combo out so if you won't be able to OTK, you'll get into big trouble. Here's a short tournament report:

Round 1: vs.  Chiro (Six samurai)

Game 1: He went first and was able to summon a Shien and Grandmaster with 2 backrows. i summoned Grepher but he bottomless it and i lost on his turn.

Game 2: Turn 1,  I set my kinetic soldier and ended. On his first turn, he activated Gateway and united, summoned 2 samurai monsters and OTKd me. it sucks to lose from gateway.

Round 2: vs FPJ (neo spacian shitness)

Game 1: I had a bad opening hand, we set and go for a few turns. I summoned grepher and filled up my GY with malicious and plague spreader. I didn't went for combo yet since there were too many backrow cards. On his turn, he activated SOUL RELEASE (yes this is a wierd deck, indeed) then followed up with synchro summon of chain dragon who beat me to death.

Game 2: I really can't rememebr exactly but i was able synchro scrap dragon and xyz summoned a bouncer. He really can't do much about it so GG

Game 3: same with game 2

Round 3: Xtian (GK town)

Game 1: He went first and sets 2 backrow, 1 field and a monster.  I mst his 2 back row before summoning grepher and activated. I attack the set monster which was GK recruiter and ended. He summoned ancient gear via geartown and activated necrovalley, I was completely stunned by that card so GG.

Game 2: He set like 3 back row cards and necro valley, i summoned grepher, activated teleport and synch into blackrose. Most of his set cards were just bluff so he quicky conceded.

Game 3: Can't remember in detail but i had an opening where i synchro into scrap dragon, xyz atumus into dragoon, and summoned chaos sorc.


Round 4: William (Six Samurai)

Game 1: Shien and another sam with 2 backrow. obviously, i lost

Game 2: My turn to swarm so i won.

Game 3: We had a very close game and after i swarm, he was down to 100lp. it went down to top deck mode after that. I had a stardust dragon on field and he drew reborn. he revived the bouncer in my GY to kill stardust. I drew krebons and summoned it to buy me some time. the next turn, i draw kinetic and set it. he attack krebons which i allowed. i drew, set and ended. He attack my set card which was kinetic and i won.


All in all, i think the deck can still be competitive but not tier 1. Its an otk deck that requires a lot of cards and easy to counter with side. Most probably, i won't be using it for awhile and will move on to another deck concept. Hope you guys enjoyed my post and i apologize for the poor tournament reporting. Please check my blog for future updates. Thank you and happy dueling!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breaking the new Meta! Angels back from the ashes

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile since my last post. I apologize if i wasn't able to update in the past weeks. I've been busy with too many things juggling my time for Yugioh!, Cardfight Vanguard, and MTG (which i recently sold my cards coz i don't have time for it anymore. :P). Anyways, it's a fresh start for Yugioh! so i was really excited to test new and old decks. After the banlist hit my favorite deck really hard, it was time to move on and i was very happy with what Konami did. I admit, inzektor is my weapon of choice but it's soooooooooooooo boring. So yesterday, we had our weekly wednesday tournament @ Courtside Robinson's Galleria and decided to use one of my all time favorites, AGENTS! :)

Here's the list that i used:
*note: we use the Asia Restricted list so we're not allowed to use any promos/dts etc.

Agent - Earth x2
Agent - Venus x3
Mystic Shine ball x3
Master Hyperion x3
Archlord Kristya x2
Herald of Orange light x3
Effect Veiler x2
BLS x1
Tragoedia x2
Sangan x1
Spirit Reaper x1
Junk Synchron x1

Pot of Duality x2
MST x3
Mind Control x1
Monster Reborn x1
Heavy Storm x1
Book of moon x1

Torrential Tribute x2
Bottomless Traphole x2
Solemn Warning x2
Solemn Judgement x1

Magical Android x1
AOJ Catastor x1
Iron Chain Dragon x1
Blackrose Dragon x1
Ancient sacred Wyvern x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Mist Wurm x1
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon x1
Gachi Gachi Gantetsu x1
No.17 Revise Dragon x1
Leviair the sea dragon x1
Wind-up Zenmaines x1
Maestroke The Symphony Djinn x1
Gaia Dragoon x1

Round 1: BYE! :P

Round 2: vs. Magical

Game 1: I had a turn 1 Earth and followed by a Venus. Synch into Stardust and SS Kristya. GG.

Game 2: Magical decks are really good but too slow so i had time to setup my otk. Summoned 2 Hyperions for the win.


Round 3: vs. 6 Samurai

Game 1: The usual swarm and i didn't have anything to stop it.

Game 2. It was a pretty close game. I heavy his only set card which was solemn warning. I sumoned Venus and Gachi. He managed to kill them both after a few turns. I Summoned Hyperion and destroy his Kizan. He still has Zanji on field, 1 card in hand and 1 set card. I had BLS in my hand so i summoned spirit reaper to discard his last card and also thinking that if the set card was torrential or warning, i can summon my BLS in hand. Unfortunately, it was Chain d. which removed my reaper. he was able to kill my hyperion the next turn and got stuck with bls in hand. :P


Round 4: Darkworld

Game 1: He didn't have much of his spell engine and i was able to orange light his Morphing jar. He activated skill drain in response to my Earht summon. He didn't have grapha so i was able to sacrifice some life points waiting to fill my GY with 4 fairies then summoned kristya and took control from there.

Game 2: He sets 2, i had decree and summoned to hyperion. GG.

Finished with 3-1 record which is perfectly fine for me. In my opinion, Agents will do good in this format but like any other decks, will have a hard time against Mermail-Atlantean. That's it for now and hope you find my post somehow informative :P

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey everyone! i'm sorry if i haven't posted anything for awhile now. I've been quite busy with building my decks for Yugioh, CFV! and MTG. And i was also waiting for William (Wslasher) to upload the video for our nats finals. So if saw my last post, just ignore the finals report and just watch the video. lol. enjoy! (special thanks to Wslasher for uploading the video)


ALVIN LIM(left/Inzektor) VS. IRWIN AROGO (right/Inzektor)

                                                                        GAME 1


Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Day of wreckoning! 2012 PHILIPPINE NATIONALS!

As promised, I'll be posting my tournament report regarding my 2012 Philippine Nationals/WCQ experience. I would like to apologize in advance if my report lacks in detail or if i get something wrong since it's been a week and i'm not that good in remembering stuff. It was friday, the night before nationals and i was at our local store to have my deck checked (to avoid joining the mob on sat morning). With that being said and done, i have to leave my deck which was a good thing for me so i don't have to think about anything else before the tournament starts. It was also CF Vanguard! tournament day so i decided to join to relax my mind and to my surprise, i manage to win the tournament (got some good stuff from my prizes). Then i wen't home and sleep early (by early, i meant 1:00am) and sighed to myself saying "i'll do my best tomorrow".

10:30am the next morning, i arrived at the tournament venue and saw a lot of people piling up waiting for their decks to be checked. i went to see my friends and checked if they still needed some help. then the pairings was posted, and so it begins.

Round 1: vs. Racil (Heiroglyph)
To my surprise, considering we had a record breaking attendance of 114, i never thought i would ran into someone i know in the earlier stage of this tournament(even though i know almost everyone in our community). And my first opponent was someone who i knew and been using heiros for a while now so he know's how to use that deck.
Game 1: It was a fast start for him as he attempted to combo me in the 2nd or 3rd turn after clearing my back row with nightshots. I was able to veiler his Autumus. He didn't have a follow-up so during my turn, i summoned damsel and win it from that point on.
Game 2: He started by setting 3 cards and ended his turn. we draw-go a lot until he goes for the combo. I had maxx "c" in my hand so i was confident that i will survive that turn. He summoned REDMD and used its effect but didnt proceed with the xyz and just attacked. I was able to minimize the damage via tragoedia and used it to counter attack. he was able to answer it and during his turn he tried to combo me again, but i had the 2nd maxx c netting me more cards. he just settled for Photon bouncer and ended. I use mind control on bouncer and transformed it to Gaia dragoon which sealed the deal.


Round 2: Denmark??(Machina)
My next opponent was someone i didn't know which kind of boost my confidence since i know i'll have an advantage due to the experience that i have. Don't get me wrong, i never underestimate anyone. It's just that having a lot of tournament/playtest experience really gives you an edge.
Game 1: He went first and started off with a banisher of radiance! I totally frowned and said to myself "what the h...?".  I countered by summoning my centipede without having any equip and smashed to his banisher. during that end phase, he COTH his banisher then attack me and at the end of his turn, i activated my own COTH and was countered by..... tenenen SEVEN TOOLS! what the ef! i just smiled and after a few turns, i was able to recover and win with damsel.
Game 2: He started off by setting 2 back row and summoned a gadget. I sighed in relief coz i sided in my cyber dragon not knowing what his deck really was until that point. My opening hand was Torrential, Bottomless, Solemn Warning, Judgement, ryko and centipede which i just drew during my turn. I summoned centipede and he responded torrential killing both his gadget and my monster. i set 4 back row and ended my turn. Since i have judgement, even with a heavystorm, i can survive and all my other traps were good. so yeah, he had heavy storm and activated it which i confidently negated with Judgement. but then again, he had SEVEN TOOLS waiting, which countered my judgement and heavy storm resolved. From that point onwards I lost the game.
Game 3:  I started with a sub-par draw consisting of centipede, royal decree, and other cards i can't remember. who cares, he had heavy storm again which destroyed 3 cards! then summoned fortress, gadget, and headed for the home run.


Round 3: Michael (Glad Beast)
Game 1: After a frustrating Round 2, i tried my best to gather my senses and focus on my next opponent wishing i have a better match-up this time. So he started by summoning a Gladiator beast monster and i felt like crap again! This might be one of the worst matchups. GB can totally beat you by having equeste/chariot lock. And so he did chariot my first inzecter. Good thing, lady luck was at my side this time as he didn't have any follow-up defense and damsel combo went for the kill.
Game 2: He had 3 back rows when i decided to make a move. In GB match-ups, you really have to do something soon or he will just make a circus out of you. So i summoned centipede and activated, he responded (as expected) with a shadow-impri mirror. I didn't have any MST so he was able to control me. I still have a chance on the next turn if i survive after i cleared the board. but he was able to summon 2 monsters. the 2nd one was a trap eater using his shadow impri mirror. for some reason, i allowed it and scooped already before noticing that it was not possible. it was my fault anyways and i'm quite sure it wasn't intentional so i didn't care much.
Game 3: It was a long game which ended into top deck mode with both of us having 1 card in hand. we were low at LP when he summoned equeste, sets a S/T and ended his turn. I had centipede in hand and hornet in grave so all i needed was back row removal to ensure my win. I shouted MST and guess what, i did get it and win. :)


Round 4: Junely (Machina)
Game 1: Another tough match for me. Many of you might not know Junely but if you were to ask me, he's one of the best players piloting Machina deck in our country. his play-style is pretty good too. We started with some bashing that ended up me low at LP and having a defense zenmaines on the field. He summon gale and shrinked my zenmaines then passed. i summoned my damsel and decided to use ladybug so i can exceed into a rank 5. I checked my grave knowing i still have another centipede in my deck and soon found out that i only had another ladybug left. Being low at LP, i just summoned ladybug in defense and use it to destroy my atk position damsel to save me from any trample. He swarmed on his turn and beat me to death.
Game 2: I set 1 backrow and ended. He summoned fortress, attacked, then summoned a gadget. it was a weird move though i know he's trying to avoid torrential. but still, if you are going for the damage, you might as well maximize it. Moving forward, on my turn, i used cyber dragon into chimeratech which he bottomless. then went on with my inzekter moves for the win.
Game 3: It was a see-saw battle until the time was called with me having a fortress on field via reborn. He had his own fortress and swept my board with a gadget remaining on the field. i drew into damsel and won.


Round 5: William (Samurai)
Game 1: Most of you knows who my next opponent was. William Sy represented Philippines in the last World Championship. Another tough match for me. I know I was up against samurai so i was hoping of a good opening hand. Sadly, it didn't happen as i opened with 2 COTH, 2 MST, and Veiler. It was a tough battle and i was able to prolong my agony by having a gigamantis revived via COTH. I was low in LP and on his turn, he manage to get gateway, swarmed and xyz into HC excalibur for the win.
Game 2: It was a draw-go situation at first until he made a move having 2 samurais on the field. I summoned tragoedia to stop the next attack and decided to my offense during my turn. He had a fiendish chain to stop my trago which gave me an opportunity to use my inzekter and win.
Game 3: Another slow start with set-go. He drew gateway and started to swarm. I was able to stop some but he was able to put 3 monsters on the field. Trago saved me again but when i was going to counter attack, he used fiendish chain on it.... again. Then it came down to my last turn (being low in LP) having only mst and gigamantis in hand while he had kizan, grandmaster, gateway on the field and no cards in hand. Then, I shouted hoping for a solution and POOF! i top-deck damsel! the onslaught begun! i used gigamantis on damsel and cleared his field, attacked with 4 inzecters and ended with 2 zenmaines. He didn't have enough cards to fight back so i was able to win.


Round 6: Jomer (Inzekter)
Game 1: When i saw the pairings, i felt really bad since i'm up against one of my teammates. Most of you know him because he is one of the members of 2011 Asian Team Champion, Jomer Flores. We both know that i hated this match-up since he's one of my "jinx" and with a mirror match ahead of us, i'm gonna need a lot of luck! I started the game with a backrow and ended. he did the same but when it was time for the monsters to be unleashed, i had the better draw and was able to take game 1.
Game 2: Another boring-inzekter-mirror match but he was ahead this time with lady bug on the field. i summoned damsel and he was able to veiler it. On his turn, he summoned centipede and equiped which i quickly veilered. i was on top-deck mode and drew another veiler. with that being the only card in my hand, i was hoping he didn't have a damsel so that things won't go out of hand. He then activated his centipede on the field which i veilered again. Luckily, he didn't have a follow up. On my turn, i got damsel. He didn't have the veiler to stop it so i won.


Round 7: Alvin (Inzekter)
All i can say is, that tournament software really hated me! :) I'm now up against one, if not, the best player in our country. None other than my teammate, friend, and 2-time National Champion Alvin Lim. We sat across the table and discussed the previous rounds. After that, he decided to give me the win because he had a better chance of getting to the top 16 even if lost this round rather than me. It will also give us some time to rest before the start of play-offs (and up to now, i haven't eaten anything yet).


TOP 16 PLAYOFF: Ryan (Chaos Dragon)
Game 1: So i'm up against my first Chaos Dragon match up for the day. I've tested a lot against this deck so i felt really comfortable with the match-up. I'm just hoping that i won't get terrible draws. And in fact i didn't! :) My first inzecter (damsel+hornet) was unopposed and i knew that i already control this game.
Game 2: This was the game where we had ruling issues and judges ended up giving my opponent a game loss. i won't discuss any further but the judges gave their ruling and we just respected their decision. In tournaments like this, if something goes wrong, you need to tell the judge and respect their final decision rather than letting it go and say bad things (like "cheater") to your opponent and be a crybaby after losing. Props to my opponent, Ryan. He accepted and respected the judge's decision.

After this round, players for the TOP 8 were asked to come back the next day for the continuation of play-offs as there isn't enough time to finish it. So me and some of my teammates decided to drink before heading home. I was able to sleep around 3:00am and woke up the next day still feeling dizzy. I quickly hit the shower and went off to the tournament venue.

QUARTER-FINALS: Julius (Chaos Dragon)
Game 1: So yeah, having 4 hours of sleep isn't really a great idea to start off your quarter finals. But i came back with one thing on my mind: To do my best in all the games and hope to win it all. After a few slaps to my face to wake up my senses, we were off to game 1. He started by setting a monster card and passed. I quickly capitalize by having an inzecter centipede with equip and destroyed his set monster which was eclipse wyvern. He had nothing in response and i immediately won the game. He told me after that his opening hand sucked so bad. he had 2 wyverns.
Game 2: He started by setting 1 monster and 1 S/T card then passed. I summoned centipede then equipped and destroyed his set monster which was sangan and i get damsel from centipede's effect. He gets ryko and i attacked then passed. He activated solar recharge discarding ryko, then summoned apocalypse dragon discarding REDMD and target's Light pulsar. I veilered apocalypse then he had a follow-up DAD. He destroyed my centipede and attacked for 3800 LP. On my turn, he activated mind crush naming damsel. Then i activated D.Fissure before summoning BLS and attacked both DAD and apocalypse then i ended my turn. He sets 1 back row ,1 monster and passed. I drew damsel went for the win.


SEMI-FINALS: Rick (LS lightray)
Game 1: If anyone from the tournament has the biggest pair of balls, then it must be this guy, Rick. He piloted a new LS build all the way to the semis. I know you know how hard it is to use LS in an inzecter-infested meta. But he managed to do it and i salute him. :) Game 1 he started off with COTLB getting lumina, then summoned and use it's effect summoning an Aurkus in defense. on my turn, i summon Centipede and equipped it with hornet. I attacked aurkus and destroyed lumina netting me a damsel from centipede's effect before i passed. He summon's JD which destroyed my field and attacked. I had damsel and gigamantis so i went for the win.
Game 2: He started-off by summoning garoth then ended. I summon centipede and equip hornet to destroy his garoth and attacked. I set 1 trap then passed. He activated Solar Recharge then foolsih burial to have 4 LS monsters before summoning Judgement dragon. I activated bottomless but he had another JD in hand and summoned it destroying my centipede. He summon lyla and attacked. I shielded with swift scare crow. On my turn, i summoned damsel and wipe his board. I attack and xyz into zenmaines. Knowing that i have another damsel for next turn, he conceded.


FINALS!: Alvin Lim (Inzekters)
Now comes to the moment i've been waiting for. After having numerous grueling matches over 2 days of tournament, it all comes down to this one. Me, fighting for the chance to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to Japan and earning some bragging rights in the world of Yugioh! And what better way to give a finale to this journey other than facing-off against my best rival. 2-time Philippine National Champion Alvin Lim. A good friend of mine and a teammate as well. We've been together during WOW tcg days and up to now. I know what he is capable of and i'm telling you, this would be the hardest obstacle i have to face in the entire event. The upside was, there was no pressure at all even during the finals since we both know that whoever wins, he really deserves it. So after shuffling and some chatting, we shook hands and wish each other the best of luck. I won the die roll and off to game 1.

GAME 1: I summoned card trooper, activated it's effect then use pot of duality to get monster reborn and passed. He summoned ladybug and attacked my trooper. he sets 2 cards and ended his turn. I summoned centipede but he was ready with bottomless. i set 2 cards then passed. He activated heavy storm and i chained COTH targeting my trooper for the extra draw. He then summoned a Centipede which i veilered. On my turn, i summon damsel which was veilered to. i decided to suicide attack it to his centipede and on main phase 2, i reborn my damsel to destroy his remaining monsters. He didn't draw anything good the following turn so i was able to win it.

GAME 2: He started by setting 2 cards then passed. I summon card trooper which was countered by chain disappearance! and removed the remaining copies. I set 2 cards and ended. He summon his ladybug and i let it equip with hornet before activating overworked. on my turn, i summon centipede and attacked. On his turn, he activated heavy storm which i responded by activating transmigration prophecy and removed both his ladybug and hornet. He used allure and summon another lady bug with hornet to destroy my centipede. I was able to draw another centipede and summoned it but was destroyed by torrential tribute. after some turns, he was down to 3200lp with lady bug on his field and 1 card in hand while i was still at 7500LP holding a damsel in hand. I draw and got MST. without any inzector equips in my grave, i paused and thought for a while before going for the move. I summoned Damsel and activated equipping the centipede in grave. my MST destroyed the equipped centipede to acitvate damsel's effect and i special summon another centipede. I was now thinking of maximizing the damage to put more pressure on Alvin. Suddenly i realize that i have trooper in RFG so i xyz into Leviair summoning my trooper. I activated then attacked for the win!

So there you go! my 2012 Nationals report. I hoped you enjoyed and learned something from this post. All i can advice to others, Practice a lot. Have a team/Teammates coz they can help you a lot improve your game. Be open-minded to others as you can learn from them. and most of all, be passionate at what you do! I really had a blast at this tournament. and i want to give some shout out to:

-Team Asiong Members: Alvin lim (for placing 2nd), Karlo bonillo (for placing 3rd). Jomer flores (for making it to top 8) and to all other members of our team! job well done!
-To all who made it to the top 16! congrats to you as well! 
-To the Tournament Organizer and sponsor (COURTSIDE, KONAMI) thank you!
-To All The judges, good job!
-And to all who joined, keep on supporting the game we love!

That's it for my tournament report. I will do my best in the upcoming World Championship 2012. Wish me luck!